You can use assertions to validate that text, a variable, or an element is correct in your test.

Text and Variable Assertions

  1. Choose Assert Text, Assert Variable (you must already have a variable defined, see Use Variable), or Assert Element.

  2. Enter the text, select the variable, or choose the element you want to assert for from the viewport or the object tree. In Assert Element, you can do a page level assertion by choosing the whole screen.

  3. Choose the logic for the assertion.

  4. Choose Add Action.


Text assertions can fail because the text is different yet the difference is minor and difficult to notice. Some troubleshooting ideas are:

  • Check that the text in the object tree matches the text rendered.

  • Look for special special characters in the text.

  • Assertions are sensitive to lowercase and capital letters, so ensure the text is precise.

  • Use logic such as "includes" or "Starts with" for more flexibility.

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