Test settings

Test settings are available in the test toolbar and in the the settings panel in the bottom left corner.

Test toolbar

  • Test name

  • Job - Associate a test with an existing job or create a new one

  • Status - A test can be in Production or Sandbox. 

    • Production - Test is operational. If it belongs to a job it will be run. Each run will be accounted for in test statistics.

    • Sandbox - Test is being worked on and is not operational. If the test belongs to a job, that test will be excluded during job runs. Test run results will not be included in statistics.

Test properties

You can also set a number of other properties through the settings panel in the bottom left corner:

  • Priority - Once you have a significant number of tests, the priority score helps prioritize which failed tests are important and where to focus your efforts.

  • Storyboard - A description of the test.

  • Run settings - Device details and build details for test runs.

  • Run test after - Sequence your tests to run in a specific order.

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