Run an individual test

There are a number of ways to run a test, depending on the purpose:

You can run the test and see the results under the "Test Run Results" tab.

Run a test as part of a job

  • Any test that belongs to a job that has the status Production will be run upon running the job. There are two ways of running jobs:

  1. Through the app - Choose Jobs on the left menu and Add. Upload a new build or choose from an existing one. Choose the jobs you want to run and either choose a number of tests or All tests. The tests will be added to to the bottom of the modal. You can follow the process to run multiple jobs. Choose the emulators or devices you want to run your tests on. If any test data, such as username or password was set, specify that in the last modal. You can learn more about test data in Using data in tests.

2. Through your CI/CD - To trigger job runs through your CI/CD refer to Running Jobs under Integrating to your CI/CD.

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