When you are ready to run your suites the command for running suites is simply:


The 2nd parameter ‘buildname’ is the name of one of the builds uploaded previously.
If the build name contain spaces use quotation marks.  “Build ver 1 Oct 2019”

The 3rd parameter is a unique identifier used to track this specific command line operation
To follow up on all the suites and tests results. It is optional and if it is not provided one will be generated automatically by the script.

The 1st  parameter ‘config_file.conf’ will contain the same params as those used for upload
(api_key, username, password) with the addition of 2 new params: suites, devices.

devices='"Samsung - Galaxy S10 Plus - Pie 9.0 - emulator","LG - Second Device - 8.0 Oreo - emulator"'

It is very IMPORTANT to note. Both the suites and devices params need to have single quotes and within it it will have each of the items with double quotes in this format:


This will apply even if there is only one parameter meaning only one test or suite or only one device. For example:


devices='"Google - Pixel - 10 - emulator"'

An example of running suite script from command line would be:

./suite  company_name.conf   “build_xyz_1_1_2020”      

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