Traditional test automation solutions requires tons of installations, lengthy authoring cycles and constant maintenance. 21 is different:

  • Autonomous Testing - Our autonomous capability maps majority of the application ahead of time - We capture screenshots, the object tree, each page's functionality and navigation. This allows use to author test with just a flow clicks. You point the screens and we know what actions to plug in your test. Want to add man action: We already save the object tree so you can point and click. You can author a test in the it would try recorders to load. 

  • Autonomous Maintenance - We model your application into screens and map their relations. That then allows us to analyze whether a change in one test impact others and autonomously update those tests. (more about autonomous testing). Our customers experience over 80% reduction in maintenance time.

  • All SaaS. No instalations Requires - We've create 21 to be seamless and easy to use, requiring no devices or SDKs. Upload your app and get started. We're pre-integrated with mobile devices and emulators and automatically install your app and stream it to your browser.

  • Reliable Results (aka locators) - We don't require xPaths or pre-defined locators. For each element we keep records of its attributes such as class, resource ID, content description and text as well as its bound and location on the viewport. Once a test the run we use those attributes, while converting the bounds and position to the destination device, to find the element so don't worry if some of those attributes have changed. 

  • Reliable Results (aka system messages) - All kinds of unpredictable system messages make mobile testing results unreliable and require constant reruns. We mapped those system messages and manage them under the hood, keeping your tests running.

  • Release with Confidence - Production integration uncovers the data needed to close the feedback loop, analyze actual coverage and point to areas in the app that will maximize your ROI.

Got additional questions about how 21 works? Use the chat or signup for a test run.

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