When you upload a new version of your application, you may need to update your tests for changes to the test flow or for new or changed screens and elements.

Changes in a test flow

If the app changes do not include new screens or elements, you can use the editor to add screens from your inventory and reorder the screens by dragging and dropping them.

You can also use record mode to update your test as described below.

Changes to a screen or its elements

Use record mode to capture a new screen or update a screen or element.

  1. Set a breakpoint in your test just before the screen that needs to be updated by tapping the blue ribbon.

  2. Select record mode. The test will run in real time up to the breakpoint.

  3. From that point, you can record new screens and actions. If you reach the point where the screens are already in the system, stop the recording and transition back to the editor to finish adapting your test.

Rename the screens you added and replace the temporary name with something meaningful. To update a screen across all your tests, give it the same name as a screen in the screen inventory and, as you save the test, the screen will be refreshed in all the tests.

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