Sauce Labs provides a wide range of emulators and real devices (through TestObject). Setting up your Sauce Labs account in 21 takes a minute and requires 4 parameters: your host, username, password and token. Specify the type of infrastructure and you’re done.

21 automatically pulls the list of devices.

Runs suites with Sauce Labs and 21 can be accomplished through a GUI or through the CI.

Running individual tests is similarly seamless. Choose the infrastructure, manufacturer, device and OS and hit run test. 21 sets the desired caps, installs the right build and shows you the test while its being executed indicating each screen and step. At the end of each run you have access to videos and logs and you can see the results in both sauce labs and 21.

21 uses a sophisticated algorithmic system that includes multiple attributes to find elements, hence we can support a wide variety of frameworks even when locators change or don’t exist. We also optimized Appium API calls to ensure fast yet stable execution, shaving off over 70% of typical running time.

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